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Sign up to join the community for a cage-free world! The “End The Cage Age” European Citizen’s Initiative calls on the European Union (EU) to phase out the use of cages on farms. Today’s public hearing was a milestone for the initiative, ahead of the official response from the European Commission that is scheduled for the next few months. The End the Cage Age campaign surpassed that requirement, with 1,397,113 signatures. The initiative has garnered huge international support, with 170 animal welfare organizations from around the world currently supporting it. The European Citizen’s Initiative, the End the Cage Age initiative, has been met by overwhelming support from MEPs in a three-hour public hearing.

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Aula Magna de la Facultad de Derecho de la Universitat  6 Nov 2020 EU citizens' "End the Cage Age" initiative moves forward. The European Commission has received the "End the Cage Age" citizens' initiative,  17 Mar 2021 The letter commends the aims of the 'End the Cage Age' European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) which calls for the end of cages in animal farming  Cages inflict suffering on enormous numbers of farm animals like pigs, chickens of grassroots NGOs is uniting to push the EU this year to end the cage age. 9 Oct 2019 La Iniciativa Ciudadana Europea "End the Cage Age" cerró a mediados de septiembre con más de 1,5 millones de firmas que se reunieron  17 Mar 2021 We hope the End the Cage Age Initiative will help improve welfare for all laying hens in the EU and lead to better welfare conditions for other  The End the Cage Age campaign set out to run a “European Citizens' Initiative” ( ECI) to end caged farming in the EU. The ECI is a heavily regulated process for  L'Iniziativa dei Cittadini Europei (ICE) “End the Cage Age” chiede la fine dell'uso di ogni tipo di gabbia per allevare animali a scopo alimentare, ed è sostenuta  15 Jan 2020 End the cage age. We collaborated with Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) and launched a campaign that aims to end the use of cages in  10 Oct 2018 With 1 million signatures in 7 countries in less than one year, the European Commission has to react officially to the request of ending cages. End  30 Dec 2020 Billions of animals around the world suffer in factory farms. Focused on Europe, FOUR PAWS calling for the world to End the Cage Age. 1.

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A European Citizens Initiative proposal discussed in parliament shows that ending the cage age is possible, writes Mario Furore. Brussels (Brussels Morning) An end of an era: the free cage age is possible, now — Brussels Morning Online Newspaper Please – sign the petition today to End the Cage Age for all British farm animals. END THE CAGE AGE Over 250,000 people in Britain have called on the UK's agriculture ministers to ban cages for farm animals.

End the cage age

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End the cage age

Djurhållning i burar är grym, onödig och har ingen plats i Europa. Kampanjen End the Cage Age har som mål att förbjuda burarna. 12 apr. 2021 — Mycket står på spel när EU-kommissionen nu ska besluta om framtiden för medborgarinitiativet End the Cage Age. Initiativet innebär en  25 mars 2021 — End the Cage Age - European Citizens' Initiative initiative calls on the European Commission to end keeping farmed animals in cages and to  End the Cage Age. Aktuell status: Giltigt initiativ; Kommissionens registreringsnummer: ECI(2018)000004. Registreringsdatum: 11/09/2018. Meny Stäng. Meny.

End the cage age

Between 2018 and 2020, 1,4 million EU citizens signed the petition ‘End the Cage Age’, with the aim of ending cage housing for farm animals in Europe. In response to this citizens initiative, the European Parliament requested a study by Utrecht University researchers on the possibilities to end cage housing. Between 2018 and 2020, 1,4 million EU citizens signed the petition 'End the Cage Age', with the aim of ending cage housing for farm animals in Europe. In response to this citizens initiative, the “We are committed to moving away from caged egg production by the end of 2025, and work continuously to improve animal agriculture and animal welfare through our Better Programmes.” At Mondelēz, Director of Public Affairs AMEA Can Buharali said phasing out the use of cages for egg-laying hens across the EU is a ‘priority’.
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Undertecknarna vill ha ett slut på  600,000 people say End the Cage Age for Europe's rabbits an estimated 320 million rabbits reared for meat each year in cruel, cramped cages across Europe. 2 okt. 2020 — Det är uppmaningen från uppropet End the cage age. End The Cage Age är det första medborgarinitiativet som rör förbättrat djurskydd inom  Igår kväll avslutades End the Cage Age, må laga kraft vunnen dom för rättande av det begångna misstaget återbrytas oberoende av viss tid. Kvarteret  Since the launch of Compassion's End the Cage Age campaign, the world's eyes have been.

Across the UK, millions of farmed animals are kept in cages, unable to express their natural behaviours. This causes huge suffering. We call on the UK government to end this inhumane practice by banning all cages for farmed animals. Cages are cruel.
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End the Cage Age i Bryssel 8 oktober 2019 Djurens Rätt fan

2020 — Torsdag den 2 oktober 2020, överlämnades det historiska medborgarinitiativet End The Cage Age till EU-kommissionen. Initiativet, som skrivits  2 okt. 2020 — Djurrättsorganisationen Djurens Rätt meddelar att medborgarinitiativet End The Cage Age som skrivits under av 1.4 miljoner EU-medborgare  The Cage av Ethan Cross (Häftad) FILA Svarta Basketskor Herr Erbjudande Fila The Cage Alex The Cage Om | Facebook End the Cage Age | Djurens Rätt​. 6 sep. 2018 — Medborgarinitiativet "End the Cage Age" vill att alla höns ska vara en grupp djurskyddsengagerade med namnet ”End the Cage Age” få det  för 7 dagar sedan — Mellan 2018 och 2020 samlades det in ungefär 1,4 miljoner EU-medborgares underskrifter i uppropet ”End the Cage Age”.