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Grow light used: Black 20 Watt Aspect grow light from Soltech Solutions. #growlight #growanything #cacti #monstera #growindoors Luxury Plant Lighting For Home & Commercial Deco • Soltech Solutions @simplychivintage created a beautiful design with her pothos plant by command hooking the leaves up the wall. Soltech uses BoxUp boxes to ship The Aspect, and it’s been critical to their success with the lovely light. “Besides the price, the turn-around is the most impressive aspect of the process.” The three cofounders have grown Soltech into a successful company now housed within a newer, bigger office than where they started. SOLTECH mobile solar light tower is our most updated innovative product line designed for instant commercial applications.

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Now you can pick garden-fresh herbs for your meals while admiring your beautiful kitchen. HardSOL siporex Građevinski lepkovi Soltech - ČVRSTO VEZANI ZA VAŠ DOM HardSOL Finally installed my Aspect grow light by @soltech_solutions! I think the plants are too “Plantma2021” for 15% off Soltech solutions ✨ We upgraded our store grow lighting setup with Soltech Aspect pendant lights, and  Luxury Plant Lighting for Home & Commercial Decor - Soltech Solutions orange tree in the comfort and security of your home with the Aspect grow light. Sleek  creates modern transportation and service solutions for a sustainable society. The first model, Pro4, is a light truck aimed at the market for electric work vehicles, Electrical Utility One aspect of the Vivianne is a board member of Advanced Soltech AB, Climeon AB, Hexicon AB, Meva Energy AB, Rocker. Solutions AB started to offer solar leasing contracts to owners of commercial The positive aspect of this legislation, as compared to what was valid before consists of a cylinder-parabolic reflector that concentrates the light of the sun Stockholm based SolTech Energy Sweden develops different kind of BIPV products.

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Highly recommend and looking to order more in the future. Grow light used: 20 Watt Aspect grow light from Soltech Solutions. Luxury Plant Lighting For Home & Commercial Deco • Soltech Solutions Green decor is in and better than ever. @cleverbloom created this magnificent plant decor wall piece.

Soltech solutions aspect light

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Soltech solutions aspect light

Available in two colors—black and white—this   Jul 13, 2018 Soltech Solutions, a startup company, celebrated its expansion into a larger office in a Bethlehem business incubator. Dec 6, 2016 Soltech Solutions LLC is raising funds for The Aspect - Reinventing the Grow Light for Interior Design on Kickstarter!

Soltech solutions aspect light

Making life a little greener | Lifeless interior? Green your décor with the grow light used by designers, growers and people like you!

Assembled with our solar led lighting fixtures, SOLTECH mobile solar light tower can be the perfect alternative to diesel or gas generator-powered light tower. 2019-04-01 This grow light will help you sustain and improve the growth of your citrus plant during any season - regardless of access to natural light! Provide your tree it’s own dedicated photosynthetic spectrum, keeping your plant happy and healthy while not having to compromise on design and aesthetic. > Street Light Product Information Industry-leading optical control and adjustable output for versatility make the SOLTECH LED street lights series a perfect fit for roadway applications, such as general site lighting, street, roadway, alleys, loading docks, doorway, pathway and parking areas. Soltech Solutions, best known for its Aspect grow light product, is expanding its existing space within Pi: Partnership for Innovation, a startup business incubator in Southside Bethlehem.

It’s not just a grow light – it’s the Aspect, the first luxury plant light.
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Soltech Solutions 520 Evans St Suite 3 Bethlehem, PA 18015 Phone: (484) 821-1001 Email: Large Black Aspect™ Grow Light Over Plant Shelf growing Peperomia. Large Black Aspect™ Grow Light over Bird of Paradise with Archetto Wall Mount. Highland™ Track Lighting System growing a succulent living wall. Highland™ Track Light System growing plants in WallyGro. Grow Lights for Variegated Monstera - Aspect™ and Highland™. We initially created Soltech Solutions 2 years ago to design and manufacture traditional, high powered, red and blue growlights. After some extensive research in groundbreaking LED technology and plant growth we realized there were no growlights that could efficiently grow your plants while simultaneously creating a welcoming indoor atmosphere.