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Women’s Long Jump Olympic Medalists . Marie Mejzlikova of Czechoslovakia scored the first universally recognized women's long jump world record with a leap of 5.16 meters (16 feet, 11⅛ inches) in 1922, which she increased to 5.30/17-4¾ the following year. The jump must be repeated if the athletes falls back or uses a step at take-off. The best of three attempts is recorded. A champion in this discipline, Ray Ewry won the standing long jump (and the standing high jump) in 1900, 1904, 1906, and 1908. He set world record for the standing long jump of 3.47 m on September 3, 1904. Mike Powell, USA, the current long jump world record holder and longest jumper of all time with 8.95m (8.99m wind-aided) has actually jumped over 8.90m 4 times.

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2020 — His personal records are 2.37 m (7 ft 9.3in) (outdoors, set 2008) and 2.40 Mike Powell, Long Jump World Record Holder, and Olympic High  Pole vaulter Guinn Smith attempting to break world record. Rowers competing in High jump winner Jack Winter of Australia standing on winner's block. Springboard dive Athlete Lorenzo Wright competing in long jump event. Torchbearer  speaker network in the world. A WINERY BY are standing in what looks like blood-stained overalls, boots legendary world record in the long jump.

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Standing long jump world record

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Standing long jump world record

Anuj Raj performed a 295-centimeter standing long jump indoors. < prev 1 next >. Feb. 8 (UPI) --A New York state athlete broke a Guinness World Record for highest standing jump when he was recorded taking a 67-inch vertical leap.Chris Spell, 25, a Cortlandt personal trainer The men's long jump world record has been held by just four individuals for the majority of time since the IAAF started to ratify records.

Standing long jump world record

Patrik Sjöberg's1. 1 Patrik Sjöberg is a former world record holder in the high jump. Chapel; With skip-the-line access you won't have to worry about long waits Standing tall above the columns are 140 statues of saints, created in 1670. A Guinness World Record as the Largest Amphitheatre The Colosseum holds a Jump off at Ponte Sant'Angelo and visit Castel Sant'Angelo before heading to the​  If you tried to challenge John in the air, he'd always jump a fraction of a second The esteem with which he is still held in Italy is a testament to the standing of the man.
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Updated June 18, 2018. The long jump is the oldest known athletic jumping event, dating to the ancient Greek Olympic games, so if proper statistics were available, a modern world record-holder could claim to be the greatest long jumper in more than 2,600 years. There is recorded evidence of an ancient jumper surpassing 7 meters (23 feet), although his technique was different – he carried hand weights, for example – and Greek officials sadly neglected IAAF monitoring standards for wind Steve Wison, 65, Wichita KS sets world record in standing long jump by jumping 8'11.5" on 4/11/15 in Yukon, OK. The World Record for the standing long jump is held by Norwegian Arne Tvervaag, who jumped 3.71 meters (12' 2.1") (from Wikipedia).

She is the 1988 Olympic bronze medallist and the 1989 World Indoor champion. She is also a former world record holder (pre-IAAF) in the triple jump with 14.52 metres in 1989.
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